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To make sure everyone in our communities is counted, APIAVote is supporting local organizations from around the country to participate in the #2020Census AAPI Census Caravans from August 28th to August 29th.

Today Is Census Day! Did You Take the Census Yet?

Census Day is a chance to make a real difference in our communities. We can help our communities get the schools, hospitals, and roads we need. By filling out the 2020 Census, we make sure that all of us are counted. If we don’t get counted, we don’t count.

How Do I Count in the 2020 Census?

Everybody counts in the 2020 Census. That includes children under five, people experiencing homelessness, and the auntie that has been staying with your family for the past seven months. With folks in self-quarantine and socially distancing in places they normally are not, who counts and how?

Preparing Maryland for the 2020 Census

The training will cover how the Census impacts AAPI communities, how to talk about its importance, and how to ensure a complete count in the upcoming 2020 Census.