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AAPI Voter Demographics Data by State

Learn about the AAPI demographics data by state and their growing influence in U.S. elections. Find state-specific data on voter engagement and population statistics.

State Fact Sheet

Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) are among the fastest-growing racial demographic cohorts in the United States. With over 24 million individuals (including mixed-race) spread across the nation, this burgeoning population has emerged as the nation’s fastest-growing voter bloc. The unprecedented turnout rates witnessed in the 2020 presidential election and 2022 midterm elections underscore the increasing political influence of AAPI voters, often surpassing the margin of victory in key battleground areas.

To address the rapid growth and impact of AAPI communities, state-specific AAPI voter demographic fact sheets are regularly updated every two years. These comprehensive resources offer essential insights into AAPI population metrics and voter engagement indicators tailored to all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Designed for political campaigns, elected representatives, advocacy organizations, media entities, and academic researchers, these AAPI voter demographic state fact sheets provide invaluable insights. They empower stakeholders to comprehend and strategically engage with the AAPI electorate in their respective states, fostering informed decision-making and inclusive civic participation.

AAPI Population Growth Across Key States

The AAPI community has witnessed remarkable population growth between 2012-2022, especially in states where the AAPI voting bloc holds significant influence with a vote share of 4% or higher. Notable examples include:

  • Nevada (45.1% AAPI population growth, 11.97% AAPI vote share)
  • California (20.9% growth, 17.34% vote share)
  • Washington (50.3% growth, 10.44% vote share)
  • Hawaii (3.7% growth, 66.98% vote share)
  • New Jersey (24.3% growth, 9.05% vote share)
  • Illinois (27.8% growth, 5.53% vote share)
  • New York (22.9% growth, 8.35% vote share)
  • Virginia (34.7% growth, 7.12% vote share)
  • Texas (62.3% growth, 5.44% vote share)

Geographic Concentration Across Top Counties

While the AAPI population is spread nationwide, certain counties have emerged as hubs with significantly higher AAPI concentrations. These include:

  • Los Angeles County (15%) and Santa Clara County (39.2%) in California
  • Honolulu County in Hawaii (48.2%)
  • Clark County in Nevada (10.7%)
  • Middlesex County in New Jersey (25%)
  • King County in Washington (19.8%)
  • Queens County in New York (26.1%)
  • Fairfax County in Virginia (20.3%)
  • Harris County in Texas (7.1%)


Language and Assimilation Challenges

A considerable portion of the AAPI population is foreign-born, with many states reporting over 50% of AAPI residents speaking languages other than English at home. Limited English proficiency is also a notable challenge, impacting access to opportunities and services.

Socioeconomic Disparities

Poverty and lack of health insurance coverage are persistent issues for some segments of the AAPI community. Certain states have higher rates of AAPI poverty and uninsured residents, highlighting the need for targeted support and resources.

National AAPI Population Statistics (2022):

  • Total AAPI Population: 24,823,527
  • Total Eligible AAPI Voters: 13,468,896
  • Total AAPI Foreign-Born Non-Citizens: 3,497,682
  • Total AAPI Foreign-Born Citizens: 4,781,589
  • Total AAPI Native-Born Citizens: 15,841,713

These insights shed light on the dynamic growth of the AAPI community across states with substantial voting power, as well as the geographic concentration in specific counties, underscoring the increasing influence of this diverse population segment.

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