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Covid-19 Updates to 2020 Elections

COVID-19 has affected every aspect of the lives of the AANHPI community and countless others. As we get closer to the General Elections on November 3rd, the continued impact of the pandemic has demanded changes to voting protocols.

Voto Latino, APIAVote, and Mission Asset Fund Launch Immigrant Neighbor Fund to Assist Families Left Out of Covid-19 Relief With Support From East West Bank

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Danny Turkel, Jennifer Baik, VOTO LATINO, APIAVOTE, AND MISSION ASSET FUND LAUNCH IMMIGRANT NEIGHBOR FUND TO ASSIST FAMILIES LEFT OUT OF COVID-19 RELIEF WITH SUPPORT FROM EAST WEST BANK  Washington, DC – Voto Latino Foundation, Mission Asset Fund (MAF), and APIAVote have launched the $4 million Immigrant Neighbor Fund – with a $1 […]