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Meet Marlan Maralit, one of our trainers for our Norman Y. Mineta Leadership Institute training tour. Marlan is the AAPI Director for the new Virginia Majority with decades of experience organizing and championing for the AANHPI community.

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[Interview has been edited for grammar and clarity]

Q: Tell me a little about yourself

A: I’m an organizer by trade, trained at an APALA 3-Day Organizer Training in October 1996. Professional experiences range from labor organizer, labor educator, and trainer/facilitator.

Q: What made you get into working with the AANHPI community?

A: I identified as student activists in the DC Area since the early ’90s at a time where students were actively organizing around education access issues on campuses throughout the country. I cut my teeth on community organizing at a time where student groups on campuses across the country were forming regional networks.

Q: How would you describe your experience as a NYMLI trainer?

A: I’ve had some rough stops and starts as a NYMLI Trainer, but have thoroughly enjoyed networking with activists throughout the country. Some of my favorite stops have been working with groups in both Georgia and Michigan, those trainings have been thoroughly engaging.

Q: Why is the census important?

A: Census will be critical for our community for many reasons, especially in states where redistricting is a priority. For community groups engaged in election work, the data we gather from the census can increase the overall efficacy of our outreach efforts as well.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?

A: Kudos to the APIA Vote team that keep communities connected and resourced!

Thanks, Marlan for all your work. Stay tuned for some more questions with Liz OuYang! For more information on our remaining trainings in 2020, visit and sign up for our trainings here.