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Roundup: Statements About DACA’s Termination by AAPI Groups

The lives of young undocumented immigrants are at stake. We at APIAVote recognize that many of our partner organizations are advancing immigrants’ rights, so we are uplifting their messages through this roundup.

In the wake of President Trump’s decision to end DACA, Asian American and Pacific Islander organizations around the nation responded with statements affirming the lives of young undocumented immigrants. The program, “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” temporarily protected recipients from deportation proceedings.

One out of seven Asian immigrants are undocumented, and the top Asian ethnic groups affected are people of Indian, Chinese and Filipino descent. CLICK HERE to read more about AAPI Data’s report.

Please check back at this link for updates. Here is a roundup of statements by local and state organizations so far:

MinKwon Center For Community Action | New York

“This decision not only ignores the sentiments of a majority of Americans, but goes against our country’s values, morality and sense of justice.  It takes 800,000 young Americans out of our workforce, out of public service, out of mainstream American life and drives them back into the shadows of our society, and back into the fear of deportation and separation from their families, their friends, and their communities.” [excerpted]

Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon | Oregon

“When these young adults applied for the program, they followed program conditions, went through extensive vetting, paid large administrative fees. They gave government personal information. In turn, the government would seek a permanent fix to help them stay in the country they call home.

“They were asked to trust and register with the government. They did. For these undocumented folks, it’s a leap of faith in a country that is their home, but doesn’t recognize them as Americans. Now in six short months, the federal government is going to use this information to target them.” [excerpted]

OCA-Greater LA | California

“President Trump has assured DREAMers in the past to not worry, to trust his leadership, but 800,000 DACA recipients will currently face the chilling reality of an agenda rooted in white supremacy, inhumanity, and exclusivity. We must continue to fight on behalf of our immigrant families and futures. We must hold the administration accountable for their actions of making today a dark day in our nation’s history.” [excerpted]

Asian Services in Action, Inc. | Ohio

“Asian Services in Action, Inc. (Asia, Inc.) issued a statement today condemning the President’s decision, and reaffirming our commitment to support and stand in full solidarity with Dreamers and affected communities. The organizations is also urging Congress to enact a permanent, bipartisan legislative solution that would protect DACA recipients and provide a pathway to citizenship.” [excerpted]

CLICK HERE for National Council of Asian Pacific Americans’ full list of statements by national member organizations.