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National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) and Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote) Join Forces to Encourage Asian Americans to Naturalize

WASHINGTON, D.C. – National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) and Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote) issued the following statement announcing a joint partnership to encourage Asian Americans to naturalize.

NPNA and APIAVote are excited to announce a joint partnership aimed at promoting naturalization among Asian immigrants, as part of NPNA’s 2023 Naturalize NOW Campaign, a nationwide effort to encourage naturalization and support New Americans on their journey towards full civic participation. The nation’s foundation is one woven from the contributions of immigrants. During Immigrant Heritage Month, as we recognize their immense value, it is also crucial for immigrants to be encouraged to naturalize so they can fully participate in and strengthen our democracy. Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing racial groups in the country, driven by immigration. That’s why this partnership is so important: with all of today’s challenges, threats, and opportunities, their voices need to be included in our democracy more than ever. And that only happens with naturalization and registering to vote. If all those who are eligible to become citizens naturalize and become civically engaged, our community will come even closer to reaching the full potential of our collective power.

“This month, we celebrate our immigrant roots, and call on eligible communities to naturalize now. At NPNA, we see naturalization as democracy building and key to ensuring a democracy that is reflective of all of us.” Nicole Melaku, Executive Director of the National Partnership for New Americans said.

“Ahead of the consequential 2024 election cycle, it is imperative we raise awareness of the importance of naturalizing for those eligible in our community,” Christine Chen, Executive Director of Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote said.

“In 2020, we had a 60% turnout amongst Asian Americans – our largest turnout rate in history. This was not just an electoral victory; this victory lead to substantive changes for Asian Americans: the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Bill, Asian American history mandated across several states, millions invested into local community organizations, the largest investment in combating climate change in history, and the first gun reform bill in nearly 30 years – just to name a few. If we are able to unleash our full potential power by encouraging members of our community to naturalize and participate in the democratic process, we will continue to see real progress for the Asian American community.”  


About NPNA: The National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) is a multi-ethnic, multiracial coalition of 66 of the nation’s largest immigrant and refugee rights organizations with reach across over 40 states. Together with our members, we advance immigrant equity and inclusion policies, build and expand immigration legal services and integration programming capacity, and drive campaigns that strengthen democracy through increased civic participation. See our website for more information at

About APIAVote: Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote) is the nation’s leading nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to engaging, educating, and empowering Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities to strengthen and sustain a culture of civic engagement. See our website for more information at