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Let’s Volunteer Together

APIAVote is depending on organizations and volunteers like you to ensure that the Asian American and Pacific Islander voice is heard in 2020. Here are a few ways you can assist APIAVote as we scale up our engagement to touch and empower as many voters as possible to register and vote by November 3rd.

Utilize your networks

Did you know that in 2016 only 56% of AAPI eligible voters were registered?  Let’s change that in 2020 and make sure AAPIs are ready to vote this November.

  • Make contact: Most people trust their friends more than a stranger. Research shows that friends reaching out to eligible voters is 5-10 times more effective than having a stranger make contact. Find ten friends and check to see if they are #VoteReady. 
  • Join our relational organizing campaign: Relational organizing takes contact a step further. Every week, we APIAVote will provide suggested actions or resources to share with your friends and family. This campaign is non-partisan. To learn more, click here to watch a video.
  • Hitch a ride to the polls: Some voters, especially those in suburban or rural areas, may find it hard to vote if they don’t have a ride to the polls. APIAVote is proud to be teaming up with #lyftup to make sure AAPI voters can safely cast their vote. Let’s make sure your aunties and uncles have a ride this November. Click here to learn more.

Phone banking

In October, APIAVote will scale-up our phone banking efforts to focus on preparing voters to make a plan to vote in-person on election day or early vote or by mail.

Individuals can sign-up to phone bank or you can sign-up for certain days and times as a group.  We need to reach over 700,000 AAPI households to ensure they are #VoteReady.  Grab your friends and turn it into a phone banking party.

Sign up here:

Fight disinformation

All year, we’ve seen a preview of what voters will face without the proper resources. We must make sure AAPI voters are protected this November and that starts within our communities. Identifying bad information early and making sure our communities do not fall prey to bad actors or wrong information could be critical to making sure our community shows up at the polls.

We’re looking for as many volunteers as possible to work with us to fight online disinformation and monitor social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to identify false, vote-suppressing content and correcting the record with reliable facts. The ideal volunteer would have an understanding of social media and have access to Asian Americans and/or Native Hawaiians and/or Pacific Islanders networks online. Sign up here ASAP if you are interested.

Learn more at our NYMLI Trainings

This year, our Norman Y. Mineta Leadership Institute (NYMLI) goes virtual! We’re hosting a series of key trainings on everything from voter registration, combating disinformation to early voting to ensure the AAPI community is ready for the November elections and beyond. 

Our next event “Know Your Scope: Understanding 501(c)3 Compliance and Best Practices for Voter Education” is NEXT THURSDAY at 4 PM ETClick here to register for the event on zoom

Thank you to Glen Fukushima for sponsoring our events. 

For a full list of all our trainings and registration information, visit our website hereAll trainings are free and open to the public. 

How can you help?

If you enjoy the work we do but aren’t sure how you can get involved a donation is an easy way to make a difference. Click here to see our mission statement and make a gift today.