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Less Than 100 Days Until Election Day

There are less than 100 days until the November elections and also less than two months until National Voter Registration Day!

National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) will be held on September 22nd and is a day dedicated to making sure every voter–new, former, or current–is ready to vote on election day. In 2019, 473,725 voters were registered through NVRD events across the nation! 

See below for more information on getting involved, reminders about your registration, and resources. 

Check your registration if…

  • MOVED: Have you moved recently? If so, be sure to update your voter registration before the deadline so you can vote safely.
  • BIRTHDAY: Did you just turn 18? If so, congratulations you are now eligible to vote in the 2020 elections! Make sure you register ahead of time.
  • NAME CHANGE: Have you changed your name recently? Whatever the reason, if you have changed your name you need to update your voter registration.  
  • HAVEN’T VOTED IN A WHILE: Have you missed the past few elections but want to vote in this one? Double-check your registration and make sure everything is up-to-date. 

First-time voter? It’s not too late! You can check your registration online by clicking here.

How do I get involved?

APIAVote is proud to be a premier partner of NVRD. If your organization would like to become a part of the action make sure to sign up here.

Already registered? APIAVote is looking for partners as we celebrate Early Vote Day. Many states are offering the option of early voting or absentee voting which can be a safe and effective way to have your voice counted in November. If you would like to get involved in promoting early voting, click here.

How do I learn more?

To keep voters updated on changes, APIAVote has updated our state-specific election information pages to make sure everyone can vote safely.

Here are the important updates made to our state-specific pages

  • COVID-19 Updates regarding your state’s elections are now at the top of every state-specific election information page.
  • You will find up-to-date information on how COVID-19 is affecting your state (e.g. postponed elections or changes made to vote-by-mail systems).
  • You will also find an easy-to-read Election Overview table with important election dates and deadlines (i.e. when to apply for absentee ballots, when to register to vote, and more). Information regarding language access, absentee voting, mail-in ballots, and Election Day information follows below the Election Overview section.

Find our updated state pages here.