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APIAVote Responds to Senate’s Failure to Begin Debate on the Freedom to Vote Act

WASHINGTON, DC –  Christine Chen, Executive Director of Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote), issued the following statement after the Senate failed to move forward with voting on the Freedom to Vote Act after it was filibustered.

“Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote is disappointed that debate on the Freedom to Vote Act has been blocked again in the Senate. A majority of Americans support the provisions in this bill, but a minority of Senators continue to block it.”

“When Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders came out in historic numbers in 2020, we were able to do so because of options such as voting-by-mail and early voting. Now, however, 19 states have passed 33 laws this year alone that will make it harder for Americans to vote – many of which make a point to limit the voting options that allowed our communities to make a decisive impact last year in the first place. This is no coincidence. This is a direct attack on Asian and Pacific Islanders and other marginalized communities in an attempt to silence us.”

“For democracy to work for all of us, it must include us all – and this bill does that. It protects our freedom to vote, ensures fair representation, and limits the influence of big money in our politics; this bill will make our government accountable to the people.”

“We now urge the Senate to do whatever it takes to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and send it to President Biden’s desk. Time is running out, and passing vote rights legislation now is imperative.”