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Karen Eng

President and CEO, CSMI

Dr. Karen Eng is the President and CEO of CSMI, an engineering firm. Initially
a successful optometrist with a Doctorate from the New England College of
Optometry, Dr. Eng surprised her family with her bold decision to switch
careers and industries to take over the family business.

Dr. Eng has used her professional success to support, promote, and mentor
other girls, women, and minority business owners, particularly those in STEM-
related industries. Her company is especially dedicated to collaborating with
other diverse firms.

Dr. Eng is a member of several prominent Boards, including National
Asian/Pacific Islander American Chamber of Commerce & Entrepreneurship
(ACE), Illinois College of Optometry, and Asian & Pacific Islander American
Vote (APIA Vote). The Illinois State Treasurer has given her an award for
Outstanding Service in Business. In addition, she also has had positions on
the State of Illinois Business Enterprise Program Council and The Illinois
Census Count Commission 2020. Her most recent honor is receiving the
National Executive Excellence award from OCA National in September 2021.

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