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PSA: Why are you voting this year?

Why are you voting this year? Who are you bringing with you? Check out our new PSA where multiple community members answer just that.

Share with us why you’re voting and who you’re bringing! Post a 15-45 second video on social media using the hashtag #AAPIsVote2022, tag us, and share the PSA too! Learn more in our toolkit here

Working Together

as one community

Mobilizing Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Electoral and Civic Participation

Why Asian American and Pacific Islander Voters Are Important

Fastest Growing Population

In the past two decades, Asian Americans have become one of the fastest growing racial or ethnic groups in the United States.

We Shape Elections

The Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) electorate is a formidable community with the power to shape and influence elections down the ticket throughout the country.

Representation Matters

The decisions made by policymakers and our representatives at all levels of government impacts our day-to-day lives – from how much funding local schools get to policies around crime prevention and gun safety.

Impactful Economic Strength

The growth of AAPI influence and power extends beyond the political sphere, into all aspects of American society.

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"Almost one-quarter of Asian American workers reported feeling excluded from discussions about diversity and inclusion at their workplace."

Although... Asian Americans may appear successful, we face a plethora of challenges and need support.

Thanks @AAPIData for this research!

NBC Asian America @NBCAsianAmerica

Asian Americans are most likely to participate in employee affinity organizations, but don’t feel sufficiently supported within their companies, a ...new survey shows. https://trib.al/7gp1jWA

Despite Islam being the world's fastest growing religion, Ramadan still isn't well understood by many non-Muslims.

Here are some things your Muslim ...peers wish you knew about the holy month: https://trib.al/ejMPkYJ

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Fill out this survey which aims to drive more funding to our communities: ...http://aapidata.com/np23-vote

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Upcoming Event

Our Districts,
Our Voices

A Recap of the 2021 Redistricting Cycle
in the AAPI Community

April 28, 2022 at 4 p.m. via Zoom